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Hannah Harris

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Sophie Coley
Sophie Coley

The world's leading expert on Search Listening. Author of 'Consumer Insight in The Age of Google'.


Industry experts from SEO and content marketing, to PR and paid search reveal how search data can help you read people’s minds and make better decisions as a result.

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Search Listening in Health: Searching for the Patient Perspective

Guests: Julia Walsh, Brand Medicine International

Wednesday 20th October 2021, 8:30pm GMT

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Episode 6

How merging search and social data unlocks what people really think

Guest: Dr Jillian Ney, UK’s first Dr of Social and founder of The Social Intelligence Lab

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Dr Jillian Ney

Episode 5

How not-for-profit professionals should be using search data to truly understand the public

Note: this webinar is primarily for those working in not-for-profit, including the public sector and academia but it will still be useful for those who work in marketing more generally.

Guest: Sam Gilbert, Researcher at The Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge

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Sam Gilbert