Webinar Series / Episode 2

How search insight can help you truly relate to the public

Learn how to get into the minds, thoughts and feelings of your target audience

Special guest

Sophie Coley
Sophie Coley

The world's leading expert on Search Listening. Author of 'Consumer Insight in The Age of Google'.

@coleybird searchlistening.com

Special guest

Stella Bayles
Stella Bayles

Director at coveragebook.com, host of the PR Resolution Podcast

@stellabayles @coveragebook

Watch the recording (63 mins)

What you’ll learn

Social listening and influencer discovery are common steps in Public Relations insights. But how do you go one step further and get into the minds, thoughts and feelings of your target audience?

By, Search Listening.

Google accounts for up to 90 per cent of web searches in many Western markets including the UK and US, and serves results to more than three billion search queries globally every day.

It is the most trusted media source globally (according to the Edelman Trust Barometer) which makes it a treasure trove of customer insight.

From everyday searches like “how do i clean sneakers” and “trail running for beginners” to more private fears and secret hankerings of people like you and me.

Millions of people are opening up to Google, creating a goldmine of audience insight you can use to create powerful PR strategies that truly relate to the public.

Join Public Relations expert and co-founder of CoverageBook Stella Bayles, Search Listening’s Sophie Coley and AnswerThePublic director, Hannah Harris to find out what Search Listening is and how the data can help you understand your audience better than ever.

How will this webinar help me?

  • Learn how to discover new insights to feed into your PR strategy
  • Understand and learn how to track brand reputation through Search Listening
  • Learn how Search insight can help discover new influencers
  • Learn practical Search Listening skills that you can use straight away using tools like AnswerThePublic