Webinar Series / Episode 14

Search Listening: Measuring the Impact of Public Relations Through Search

Special guests

Stella Bayles
Stella Bayles

From CoverageBook

Andrew Bruce Smith
Andrew Bruce Smith

From Escherman

Alex Judd
Alex Judd

From Clarity PR

Steve Leigh
Steve Leigh

From PR Agency One

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What’s the webinar about?

If you’ve been following the conversations in the advertising industry, you may have heard of a measurement and evaluation metric that’s been gaining a lot of attention and traction: Share of Search.

However, advertising is, of course, not the only thing that will drive people to search for brands and products on Google. So, what does Share of Search mean for the public relations industry and its measurement, and should we be dropping ‘share of voice’ for ‘share of search’ instead?

But first... what is 'Share of Search'?!

Well, it’s the number of times your brand is typed into a search engine, divided by the number of times all brands in your category are typed into a search engine (including yourself). In other words, how many searches does your brand have vs. the competition?

...(come to the webinar to learn exactly how to measure Share of Search!)...

In Spring 2021, the webinar panel got together to challenge the dominant position of advertising in search. They sought to build a case for Share of Search in public relations and explore the broader opportunity for search within the practice.

In this session, we’ll discuss the role of search in public relations planning and measurement, and teach you some simple search listening tactics that will help measure communications beyond just tracking brand searches.

We’ll talk about:

  • Why public relations needs search data.
  • What is Share of Search and how do you use it?
  • Exploring an earned approach to search marketing planning and measurement.
  • How search listening can help measure communications, beyond tracking brand searches.