Webinar Series / Episode 4

How observing online behaviour can help you produce better content

Special guest

Eric deLima Rubb
Eric DeLima Rubb

From BuzzSumo.com and Brandwatch


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What’s the webinar about?

Every day we have hundreds of thousands of conversations with Google. We literally treat it like a trusted friend, asking it questions, like:

  • Is it ok to wear white to a wedding?
  • Why does my elbow hurt?
  • How do you make pancakes?

I’ll bet you’ve spoken to Google in that human way at some point this past week, too. You might even have asked it something more personal to you; something you wouldn’t shout about on social media but are happy to type into Google’s anonymous white box, or to ask your phone or smart speaker. Something like ‘how do you ask a girl out?’ or ‘am I depressed?’.

That’s why ‘search listening’ is just as valuable a research method as ‘social listening’ or any other method when it comes to content marketing.

There’s so much soul-baring data available to explore and it tells us marketers so much about the people we’re trying to reach; their hopes, dreams, fears and needs. Understanding search behaviour is useful way beyond SEO – but, for me, not enough marketers know that.

AnswerThePublic's Hannah Harris chats to Eric deLima Rubb from Buzzsumo and Brandwatch, and Search Listening's Sophie Coley about how observing people’s behaviour online will help to supercharge your content.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how search data can help you read people’s minds and create higher performing content
  • Uncover how thinking both literally and laterally will help you understand what people really want to know
  • Reveal how combining data sources will help you get the full picture of how people behave online
  • Learn practical Search Listening skills that you can use straight away using tools like AnswerThePublic and Buzzsumo