Webinar Series / Episode 6

How merging search and social data unlocks what people really think

Special guest

Sam Gilbert
Dr Jillian Ney

Special guest: Dr Jillian Ney, UK’s first Dr of Social and founder of The Social Intelligence Lab


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What’s the webinar about?

Back on our April 2020 webinar we touched on the differences between search data and social data, when CoverageBook’s Stella Bayles told us:

'If people live their best life on Instagram, they live their real life on Google'.

Stella was talking about how social listening relies on data from people who know that they are being observed by others. We all know that people can misrepresent themselves on social media from time to time (we’ve all done it).

Search data, on the other hand is more reflective of what’s truly going on inside our heads. We make 5.6 billion searches worldwide every day, and turn to the internet for help and advice when we’re too embarrassed to ask our best friend...or even a doctor. Our most candid and gut-wrenching thoughts and fears.


While search data is frank and honest...and reveals what people are really thinking, social data reflects how people want to be perceived. It reveals the identity that they’re keen to project on the world.

Understanding both of these behaviours is powerful for us, as marketers.

We'll show you how using a combination of search and social data will help you get to the heart of what people truly think about you, your brand or organisation, product or campaign.

What you’ll learn:

  • The differences and benefits of search data and social data
  • How to blend insight methods get a true understanding of people
  • How to use data to inform your work, as well as measure its effectiveness
  • Practical social and search listening skills that you can use straight away using tools like AnswerThePublic