Webinar Series / Episode 13

Why Public Relations Needs Search Listening

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Stella Bayles
Stella Bayles

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What’s the webinar about?

It is impossible for Public Relations practitioners to relate and communicate with the public without truly understanding their target audience.

Surveys, focus groups and social media monitoring have their place but they also have huge limitations, especially in the past couple of years when public feeling and opinion changes so rapidly - how can PR teams keep up?

What is search listening and why do PR teams need it?

When people have worries, a question or simply need more information on something. They turn to Google. It’s a private space that offers anonymity and they get immediate answers, so people trust it with questions they don’t always share with others, online or in person.

But it’s not just private personal help people turn to Google for. There are constant triggers to search. When we hear news on the radio, see a debate on Morning TV, gain a recommendation from somebody on social media or hear a rumour from a friend, we search.

Those triggers are a real-time insight to the human psyche, the public.

Search Listening (Tracking search data) for your brand or activity gives you a clear picture of change in awareness or opinion which is key to communications strategy.

Learn why reviewing how people search on Google is fast becoming the most insightful data-set on the public... and PR needs to know the public right?

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How search data gives you access to the biggest data-set of audience research
  • How PR practitioners can use this data to understand how the public feel
  • How search listening can be applied across your communications strategy
  • Practical search listening skills that you can use straight away using tools like AnswerThePublic