Webinar Series / Episode 12

An intro to Search Listening

Special guest

Sophie Coley
Sophie Coley

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What’s the webinar about?

Our first webinar back in April 2020, focused purely on the fundamentals of search listening. Since then, we’ve run 12 free webinars, covering more specific applications, from PR to content to talent selection and more, and we’ve amassed a webinar audience in the tens of thousands.

Equally, we’ve had a pandemic, a new President and Black Lives Matter, to name a handful of the biggest events of the past 15 months! The world is a very different place.

With all the above in mind, we thought it was a good time to go back to basics and re-run a refreshed version of our very first session for anyone who’s been to one of our later webinars and is keen to understand the fundamentals.

As a reminder on why you should be excited by search listening:

Everyday, we’re all experiencing numerous triggers that make us turn to search engines - whether it’s spotting a breaking news story on Twitter, noticing a new exciting product via ads or experiencing a strange medical symptom first-hand. We turn to search engines (and in much of the Western world; Google) to seek information, inspiration or reassurance about our most candid thoughts and feelings.

Search as a data set is constantly evolving and changing - there are over 3.5 billion Google searches per day, and 1.2 trillion searches per year - and over 20% of which have never been seen before...they’re brand new.

In opening up to Google, we create a goldmine of insight that you, as a marketer, can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products and services. The kind people really want.

‘Search Listening’ is an insight method that uses search data to help you understand people’s true needs, motivations and behaviours, it tells you what the global human population is really thinking.

And we’d love to teach you all about it.

How will this webinar help me?

  • Find out what Search Listening is and how it can help you market and grow your business
  • Uncover the truth about what people really think about your brand
  • Discover new insights about your customers that you’ll likely miss with other research methods
  • Learn practical Search Listening skills that you can use straight away using tools like AnswerThePublic