Webinar Series / Episode 15

Search Listening in Health: Searching for the Patient Perspective

Special guest

Julia Walsh
Julia Walsh

From Brand Medicine International

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What’s the webinar about?

There are over 1 billion health-related queries typed into search engines like Google every single day. From vaccine-related searches like: ‘rash on arm after covid vax’, to queries like: ‘what stage is my breast cancer’, we can all think of a time when we’ve turned to ‘Dr. Google’ for information, advice, or reassurance - whether it comes to our own health, or that of a loved one.

We’re all patients, and we’re all very candid with search engines - which are often our first port of call when we think there is something wrong, have been diagnosed...or when we’re too embarrassed to speak to someone else. For that reason, Search Listening is incredibly valuable when understanding what’s truly going on in people’s heads when it comes their health.

By tapping into search data we can understand the patient perspective, as people undertake their own private consultations online. Understanding the dynamics of how this exchange of questions for health advice influences the broader healthcare ecosystem, is key to a responsive future-proofed strategy.

What you'll learn

​​​​In this webinar, we’ll explore how Search Listening offers healthcare marketers the opportunity for a paradigm shift away from a brand-centric ‘push’ strategy to a patient-centric ‘pull’ approach.

This session is relevant to everyone - whether or not you work in a health-related field. You’ll understand how to be more discerning about how you turn to the internet for health-related information, and convert those questions into advice that you can act on.

We’ll talk about:

  • How the customer journey becomes the patient journey in healthcare
  • How ‘Dr. Google’ is consulted by patients, and the influence this has on what they do
  • How the stages of grief experienced by patients as they come to terms with a disease, influences how they respond to online content
  • Practical Search Listening skills you can use right away, using tools like AnswerThePublic