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Bitesize Tutorials

Learn the fundamentals of search listening for PR in less than 5 minutes.

Why Public Relations Needs Search Listening

It's important to understand public opinion when forming an effective communications strategy.

Learn why reviewing how people search on Google is fast becoming the most insightful data-set on the public... and PR needs to know the public right?

How to use search listening in Brand Awareness

Using search listening around your brand or activity gives you a clear picture of change in awareness.

Learn how to track changes in search behaviour as your work is implemented, and how search impact metrics can be part of your campaign measurement.

Using Search Listening to better understand crisis

Knowing how to plan for, respond to and monitor a crisis is crucial for any organisation.

Learn some simple search listening tactics you can use to measure awareness, identify crises and stay on top of the reputation of a brand, product or person.

Expert Webinars

A deeper dive into using search listening to power PR strategies.

Measuring the Impact of Public Relations Through Search

In Spring 2021, the webinar panel got together to challenge the dominant position of advertising in search. They sought to build a case for Share of Search in public relations and explore the broader opportunity for search within the practice.

In this session, we discuss the role of search in public relations planning and measurement and teach you some simple search listening tactics that will help measure communications beyond just tracking brand searches.

Why Public Relations needs Search Listening

Audience research such as surveys, focus groups and social media monitoring have their place but they also have huge limitations, especially in past couple of years when public feeling and opinion changes so rapidly - how can PR teams keep up?

Learn how search listening (tracking search data) for your brand or activity gives you a clear picture of change in awareness or opinion which is key to communications strategy.

How search listening can help you truly relate to the public

Millions of people are opening up to Google, creating a goldmine of audience insight you can use to create powerful PR strategies that truly relate to the public.

Find out what Search Listening is and how the data can help you understand your audience better than ever.

How search insight can help you track and manage your reputation online

Search Listening allows access the unbiased perspectives of millions of people.

Learn what people really think, not what they say they think. Incredibly valuable insight… particularly when it comes to managing reputation in a crisis.

How to use Google data in PR - from audience insights to pitching

Google data can help us to understand people and this leads to unique story angles, helps us convince journalists to write a story, and even identifies unlikely influencers.

Learn when search insight is a good proxy for public opinion, and how to use this information to launch campaigns that really resonate with people.

How to use Google data in PR insight and measurement

Search Listening for your brand or activity gives you a clear picture of change in awareness or opinion, which is key to communications strategy.

Learn how to use search data to measure brand awareness, identify crises and stay on top of the reputation of a brand, product or person.


Insightful articles on applying search listening to PR.

Mock up of a search engine input with 'What is the eagle?'

Have you ever Googled a sex position?

Let’s play a game of ‘Have you ever…?’ I think the results might surprise you.

Have you ever Googled sex position? Googled a health concern? Googled a symptom? Googled to fact-check a new story?

My guess is that you have answered ‘yes’ to at least two of these. Am I right?! If you did, you’re not alone.

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Satan Shoes

What ‘Satan Shoes’ teaches us about PR’s impact on search

It started off as a stunt for US rapper Lil Nas X, in collaboration with Brooklyn art collective MSCHF designing a pair of so-called ‘Satan Shoes’.

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What baked beans on Weetabix teaches us about measuring search impact

Baked beans on breakfast cereal, instead of on toast? No, it’s not for us either. But British brand Weetabix divided opinion on Twitter when it suggested the unusual pairing.

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What data sets can you get from Google and how do you use them?

From Google’s auto-suggestions and Google Trends to AnswerThePublic and – there are plenty of ways to access search data, in all its different forms.

But how do you determine which tool is the best fit for your project, or more importantly – how can you merge insights from different sources to supercharge your search listening?

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“Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche

Seth Stephens-DavidowitzFormer Google data scientist and author of the book “Everybody Lies”

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