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Consumer Insight for PR in the Age of Google

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Why we built this free tool:

The auto suggest results provided by Google & Bing are a goldmine of insight for today's marketeers. As you type you are presented with an aggregated view of the questions & therefore a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query. It's perhaps one of the best but most underutilised sources of research for content ideas. Until now...

There are some excellent alternative keyword research tools like & that automate the gathering of suggestions by appending every letter of the alphabet to a keyword you enter.

But we felt they only scratched the surface of the insight that was possible by using this method. We knew that appending a search term with words like "for" or "with" gave a much richer starting point for content ideas.

The more we played with adding different words the more interesting the insight. It felt a bit like mind-reading.

But the task of capturing all the answers became a challenge. We needed to automate the gathering of questions and create something that could be easily shared. This is search insight that should and could be used by any marketing team. Creative, PR, Content, SEO.

So we built simple visualisations of the data. A one-pager that could be shared to prompt a conversation on how you could start answering your public better. By creating content that’s useful, funny or inspiring.

We hope you like it. is bought to you from the team behind

p.s. to learn more about using auto complete data for content ideas read this blog post by Gary Preston